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IEEE Spectrum Cover

IEEE Spectrum came to us with a story about counterfeit microchips. Funny thing is Adam knows all about this problem. His mom works for a microchip manufacturer and has been inspecting microchips for fakes since before Adam was born.

The bright and graphic images even got a nod from SPD as their cover of the day last week.

The Futurists

We got a call from Stacey at Details one afternoon wanting to see if we had time to shoot a feature opener. They wanted 3 dimensional type done in some cool abstract way plus a turn page images, and they needed final art in 48 hours. This was a long night, but well worth it.

The turn page images got re-purposed into an opener for another feature story and some extra bits were shot for the well opener. Love the way it all came together.

Prevention Magazine – Pain

Prevention came to us with a story about pain. They allowed us to concept and gave us wide creative freedom. It was a true pleasure working on this project.







Fireworks- Happy 4th of July!

Fireworks for Men’s Journal. We could not help ourselves and had to set a few small things off. The studio was a little smokey for an hour.

Happy Independence Day, everyone have a safe 4th!

Dorm Food Redo

Erin Mayes from EmDash had a super fun assignment for us. Shoot dorm food. Make it look epic and yummy.  This was for a story about chefs reinventing their favorite dorm foods they made while attending Denison University.

I wish I would have been so creative with making grilled cheese 10 years ago.

Oprah – Feeling Good department

This spring we did several months worth of images for O Magazine‘s health and wellness section “Feeling Good.” Here’s a small sample of images built and photographed here in the studio.