behind the scenes

Pharma-Geddon for Fortune Magazine

We got to make an Army tank out of drug store items for a Fortune magazine story about Walgreen’s, CVS, and the battle for American’s medicine cabinet. This took about 20 trips to Walgreen’s trying to plan out what went where and a lot of strange looks from the cashiers with baskets of only blue and white products.

Fortune_Tank_LayoutWe could not decide between a white or blue background, so we did both!


And here’s some behind the scene images of the tank coming together.



Building process




New Portfolio Section: It Starts With a Sketch

If you visit our studio and take a look at our desks, the first thing you notice (well, maybe the second after my mess of latte cups and receipts) are stacks and stacks of white copy paper covered in sketches. Sketching, physically putting pen to paper, is one of the first and most important steps for us when it comes to creating a photograph. Not a day goes by that we don’t sketch something. Sketches are the way we pitch ideas, think through composition, problem solve construction, and explain to each other the visions in our head. The sketches can be very detailed, or just a couple of lose marks. We have learned to interpret each other’s sketches and no matter how quick or how detailed they are, they become the road maps we use to get to a final image.

As a way to share our process we’ve created a new section of our portfolio we will be adding to periodically called “It starts with a sketch”. Below are a few images from that new section, the rest of the sketch/image pairings can be seen here.






New Cover for IEEE Spectrum


When the phone rings and the caller ID says Randi Klett, we know fun stuff will be happening. This time she asked for fireballs. On electrical transmission towers. Um, yeah!

This was a combination of prop building, problem solving, and shooting on location to get the right elements to make the picture happen. The basic tower and set were scale models photographed in the studio. For the actual wires connection to the tower, Adam and Nick headed out of town a bit to photograph the real deal. We found scale wires just did not have the right look. Lastly, for the fire balls, we filled black water balloons with either propane or acetylene gas and lit them on fire in the dark. The blaze was so fast we actually had to capture it with video and pull still frames from the video.

Below is a  little slow motion clip of one of the fireballs we captured and couple out takes of the process.


towerbuild fireballoon

Interview with Industry

Super honored to be interviewed by Kayla Rekofke from INDUSTRY out of Portland. We first met them when Adam photographed their SOLID bike for Wired’d Design Issue last year. Amazingly nice people with super rad offices. Thank you Kayla and all of INDUSTRY for making us look so good.