Survival Stories for Reader’s Digest

Last December Rebecca Simpson Steele at Reader’s Digest asked us to create images to go along with their “I Survived” feature/cover story. The true stories of survival ranged from a grizzly bear attack to narrowly escaping from a pickup swept away in flood water. Scary stuff! The scenarios provided us with lots of new and unique problems to solve for this shoot.

First we needed to figure out a few important details: how to get a grizzly bear, tornado, a house fire and a sinking truck in the studio. We canvassed local taxidermy shops for the most grizzly of bears and spent a couple days constructing a large doll house to later set fire to. We even experienced an overheating ’72 Ford truck in stop-and-go traffic while hauling a large grizzly bear in the truck bed. The sinking truck involved a fish tank, lots of epoxy and plenty of hands on set to help create fog and flowing canal water. And after some extensive you tube research and trial runs Nick came up with a solution for our indoor tornado– a wind vortex housed inside a large acrylic box.

Thank you to Rebecca for this exciting assignment!

And a few behind the scene pictures.



Red Tape for Fortune Magazine

Always a pleasure working with Mia Diehl and the art department at Fortune. Earlier this fall they asked us to create some cover options for a story about red tape. Rolls and rolls and rolls of red tape later we had an entire corner covered and a pretty darn cool picture.

Thank you Mia for the amazing direction we are stoked with the results. Also than you for trusting us with the first cover with a new masthead. Pretty snazzy if we do say so.


We executed a couple cover options and while this picture did not run , we totally loved the new masthead wrapped in red tape.



Romo Jersey for Texas Monthly

For the September issue of Texas Monthly, TJ Tucker wanted a Tony Romo jersey that looked like it had been through hell. Dried blood, grass stains, plus rips and tears that correlated to injuries the Cowboy’s quarterback has sustained. The jersey they sent us to work with was in pristine condition. Thankfully we have a stylist assistant who was all too happy to help give the jersey a rough and tumble look that was completely organic.


This is Lucy, the best styling assistant on 4 paws.

TexMo_Romo_BTS1 TexMo_Romo_BTS2 TexMo_Romo_BTS3