Cover and Feature Art for WWD

In May, WWD called with an idea for a cover story, but due to their quick turn around were unsure whether it could happen in time. They wanted to cast a bust of a woman with a worried look on her face for a story about consumer confidence. We’re always up for a challenge so of coarse we said yes.

Thank goodness we have the best assistants ever. Katy slicked back her hair and sat patiently for almost an hour while i covered her face with a casting compound and then plaster support. The result was just what the magazine was looking for.WWD-_Psychology-Cover




Beer for D magazine

We got to photograph this tasty pint for D magazine’s Beer issue. Thanks Cory Rivademar and Kevin Goodbar for the fun assignment.

Noodle Tornado for Fortune Magazine

When the phone rings and it’s Armin Harris from Fortune, the conversation usually starts with “So we had this idea… can you guys make it happen?”

This time is was a tornado of ramen type noodles for a story about Nestle’s PR flub with Maggi 2 Minute Noodles, their brand of instant noodles popular in India, and the rumor of lead contamination.

The tornado was made with a wire under structure that the noodles were than woven around. Then we flung noodles, liquid, and veggies around the tornado. The studio smelled like curry for a few days afterward.






Turkey Hunting for Field & Stream

Earlier this year John Toolan at Field & Stream came to us with an idea for a turkey hunting feature. They wanted to photograph hunters in a grassy field, but wanted the background all white to work with the page design. After kicking around the idea of taking models, gear, camera equipment, wardrobe, and more out to a field to shoot on location, we decided it would be easier and more importantly, the quality would be better if we brought the field to us. A car load of native grass and 600 pounds of dirt later we had our grassy field.

Huge thanks to Bill Sallans and Jessica Pages for the use of your pup Pilot.





And some behind the scenes shots. Apparently there were a large number of lady bugs living in the grass we dug up. We kept finding them in our car for weeks after the shoot.




Omega 3 story for Men’s Health

We LOVE photographing fish. They are such beautiful subjects. So we were super excited to get a call from Sally Berman asking us to photograph some fish for an Omega 3 story for Men’s Health. Love the way these pictures came out. Thanks Sally!



Also shot an epic aspirin pill for the same issue.


Money Magazine March 2016 Cover Story

Earlier this year we got to work with Ryan Cadiz at Money Magazine on their March 2016 cover and feature about being your own boss. So much of this feature really hit home for us. We too get to be our own boss…and bookkeeper, and janitor, and handy man, and marketer, the list goes on. But as the feature also points out, the reward is really something to savor.

Thanks Ryan for another great assignment, loving the bold colors and treatment we were able to play with on this one.