Omega 3 story for Men’s Health

We LOVE photographing fish. They are such beautiful subjects. So we were super excited to get a call from Sally Berman asking us to photograph some fish for an Omega 3 story for Men’s Health. Love the way these pictures came out. Thanks Sally!



Also shot an epic aspirin pill for the same issue.


Money Magazine March 2016 Cover Story

Earlier this year we got to work with Ryan Cadiz at Money Magazine on their March 2016 cover and feature about being your own boss. So much of this feature really hit home for us. We too get to be our own boss…and bookkeeper, and janitor, and handy man, and marketer, the list goes on. But as the feature also points out, the reward is really something to savor.

Thanks Ryan for another great assignment, loving the bold colors and treatment we were able to play with on this one.




Wired Design Life Issue

Last summer, Adam, Nick and I were invited by Wired magazine to come to their amazing San Francisco office and shoot 10 featured products plus a cover for their yearly Design Life issue. It was 3 long days of levitating products and extreme angles with lots of focus stacks. The 10 feature products are sections openers for this special issue.












I think everyone was surprised by the quantity of gear we were able to fit in the studio. We deffinatly pushed it’s limits with two working sets going at a time.

IMG_6116 IMG_6118 IMG_6130 IMG_6131 IMG_6137



Pharma-Geddon for Fortune Magazine

We got to make an Army tank out of drug store items for a Fortune magazine story about Walgreen’s, CVS, and the battle for American’s medicine cabinet. This took about 20 trips to Walgreen’s trying to plan out what went where and a lot of strange looks from the cashiers with baskets of only blue and white products.

Fortune_Tank_LayoutWe could not decide between a white or blue background, so we did both!


And here’s some behind the scene images of the tank coming together.



Building process




Back to the Core for WWD

In early January Women’s Wear Daily approached us about a story involving major beauty brands pairing down and focusing on their core products after years of branching out and spreading themselves thin. We loved the idea of a mass of extra products becoming the textural background that the core items stood within. Like beacons in the fog of the beauty isle. WWD_CoreProducts_01



Money Magazine Jan/Feb Cover and Feature

Always fun times working with Ryan Cadiz and Patty Alvarez over at Money Magazine. This was their January/February 2016 Investing Issue cover and feature art.

When someone says they want to see a unicorn popping a bubble, you always say yes.





And also thanks to our models Elise Evans and Peter Erdel for being so wonderful to work with and climbing over our set contraption for the day. Also Thanks to Rich Schiller for the golden arrow.

Money BTS


New Cover for IEEE Spectrum


When the phone rings and the caller ID says Randi Klett, we know fun stuff will be happening. This time she asked for fireballs. On electrical transmission towers. Um, yeah!

This was a combination of prop building, problem solving, and shooting on location to get the right elements to make the picture happen. The basic tower and set were scale models photographed in the studio. For the actual wires connection to the tower, Adam and Nick headed out of town a bit to photograph the real deal. We found scale wires just did not have the right look. Lastly, for the fire balls, we filled black water balloons with either propane or acetylene gas and lit them on fire in the dark. The blaze was so fast we actually had to capture it with video and pull still frames from the video.

Below is a  little slow motion clip of one of the fireballs we captured and couple out takes of the process.


towerbuild fireballoon