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Jello Simply Good

Last summer we had the privilege to shoot with a few of the amazing creatives at Leo Burnett in Chicago to help launch Jello Simply Good. Brian Marcus’s  creative direction was quick, simple, and clever, just the way we like it. Thank you all who helped make these images so fantastic to share.

Along with the stills we also were able to contribute the end frames for the TV commercials. After much testing we finally learned how to roll the perfect banana slice.


JelloEndFrameClips from The Voorhes on Vimeo.

Drink Texas for Texas Monthly

A little late posting these, but Texas Monthly had us work on their October cover story about Texas craft brewers, distilleries, and wineries. The Texas made out of drinks was made for real, in camera, and took hours to shoot capturing each cocktail, beer, glass of wine looking prime. Thank you Emily Kimbro for helping fill (and drink) all that yummy goodness.

Loving the light on the three turn page images Adam made (beer, wine, bourbon). So pretty!


TexMo_CocktailFeature_DrinkMap TexMo_DrinkFeature_Cocktailspread2