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Design Bureau – Metrobilly

According to Design Bureau, the Metrobilly is someone who loves both hunting & fine dining, crap beer & crafted cocktails, they would check their swamp truck with a valet.

DB claims this person is a ‘design-world chimera.’ I really don’t see what the big deal is. They’ve pretty much described every creative I know in Austin.

This image was art directed by my buddy Cody Haltom. Robin made the camo-tini-cozy.

Texas Monthly – Exercise of Flower

It is a tradition for Texans to force their children to sit in fields of Bluebonnets and to snap their picture. It’s a way to later embarrass them that has been passed down for generations.

Texas Monthly wanted to pay homage to that tradition. They asked various contributing photographers to create a unique spin on the Bluebonnet. But because these flowers are here and gone in about two weeks, we were given the assignment a year in advance.

Then a year later something happened (was it the last space shuttle launch? I can’t remember). Anyhow, it got bumped another year. So here they are, my Bluebonnet studies I have been waiting two years to show.



SXSW – Gary Clark Jr

Last week 1,200 bands officially on the bill for SXSW came to my beautiful home of Austin Texas. With them they brought tens of thousands of other bands, media folks, film peoples, tech types, and scores of tourists in their skinniest of jeans.

Gary Clark Jr was one of the most sought after acts this year. And THIS is his guitar. He brought it by my studio a while back when I was shooting a series on famous musicians’ guitars here in Austin.

Okay, that’s enough name dropping for one day…

Details – Chia Outtakes

A while back I was shooting a bunch of still life for Details. One of the articles I was illustrating was on chia seeds. Ya know, the stuff from the 80’s you used to grow your very own grassy pet. Now, in 2012 it’s a health food.

We photographed them in a variety of ways. One set of images that DIDN’T get published was these. The seeds mixed into milk, pouring and splashing around.

I like these photos. Pretty.




Interview on Chris Crisman’s Blog

My buddy Chris Crisman started interviewing prominent people throughout the industry and posting their wisdom on his blog. But for some reason he also decided to interview me. Not only that, but he used a portrait by Matt Rainwaters that every single magazine I’ve sent it to has refused to run as a contributor’s pic. But not Chris. He knows how good a chick-o-stick is with grape flavored mad dog. Also known as a PB&J.

You can read the interview here.

Caesars Campaign, no CGI required

Creative director Mike Ferrer at GSD&M comped up this whole campaign. He wanted to make the Caesars logo out of various objects. Each object represented an aspect of their brand; Celebrity chefs, shopping, spas, etc, and their iconic laurel.

After Mike finished having his brilliant idea, he was struck with a dilemma; how on earth would he pull this off? He wanted it to look real. That’s something objects just layered in Photoshop aren’t going to achieve. And something only a select few, very expensive, very busy CGI artists can pull off…. So?

Art buyer Shannon McMillan to save the day! When this landed on her desk she knew; Adam and Robin. Are they brilliant CGI artists? No. Can they line up some knives to form a logo AND light the heck out of those knives? Damn right they can!

So we got the job. Mike’s baby was in our hands. The bulk of the photography took place over a mere two days (for eight of these things! [not all have been released so I can’t post them all yet]). We used a projector to make guides for each laurel on rolls of paper. We captured as much as we could in camera. And after lots of work, glue, paint, and a few stiff drinks we had a print campaign.

Creative Director: Mike Ferrer; Copy Writer: Mark Bielik; Art Buyer: Shannon McMillan; Photographer: Adam Voorhes.


Big thanks to Mathew Zucker for sending a picture of the campaign posted in the New York subway system.