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Typography Photography for Texas Monthly

So uh, I guess Phil Collins has the largest collection of artifacts related to the Alamo outside of… the Alamo? He even has one of Davy Crocket’s rifles.

Texas Monthly was doing a story on the collection and a related book. So we made this opening type and pull quote for them. If you don’t get it, don’t worry about it. But it’s funny, I swear.



ESPN – Moto Explosion

Man oh man this was a fun one. ESPN flew us out to Kawasaki headquarters in California. We spent two days with their race team working on this photo. Thankfully dismantling this thing is no big deal for their head mechanic.

We shot a time-lapse showing how something like this comes together. I’ll be posting that soon.

Caesar’s campaign in Bon Appetit

In the fall we shot a campaign for Caesar’s casinos. This is one of many like images that will be appearing over the next few months. It first appeared in Bon Appetit, who I have NEVER SHOT FOR! What’s up Bon Appetit? Why not let me make some cool photos for you? All of the other cool magazines hire me. Gourmet hired me! Come on… call me? Pretty please?

New feature art for Texas Monthly

We’ve been doing a lot of type solutions for Texas Monthly but when this one came up we were beyond slammed. So we created the imagery and the final copy was done by the big shots at Joe Zeff Design. They did an amazing job making that paint look real and getting the color to match perfectly. I think they use voodoo or something.

Our New Studio – A work In Progress

We are moving into a new space, just a few blocks east of downtown in Austin. It’s an old brick warehouse refurbished into studios and workshops. We have a lot of work ahead of us. This is it so far.


Growing up in California during the late-eighties-early-nineties graffiti art was everywhere. Through highschool seeing an ‘Andre The Giant Has a Posse’ poster or an ‘OBEY’ sticker was a normal thing. But honestly, it wasn’t until I moved to New York years later that I began to understand how widespread Shepard Fairey’s work had become. I saw the same stickers, the same posters. Everywhere.

A few months ago Fairey was in town for SXSW. He pasted up a huge Obey poster East Austin near my studio. I smiled every day when I drove past. Still the same posters. Everywhere.

The OBEY message has always resinated with me. I think it’s become lost in the art, but the message in John Carpenter’s 1988 film ‘They Live’ (this is where Fairey ‘appropriated’ OBEY. But you knew that, right?) seems just as relevant now as… well… anytime. Ever.

In the film a wealthy controlling class dumbs down the minds of the masses. You OBEY the television. You OBEY the radio. You OBEY what you are told. Money, THIS IS YOUR GOD. MONEY IS GOD. OBEY. DO AS YOU ARE TOLD.

Luckily, in the film Rowdy Roddy Piper found out that the wealthy controlling class was actually space aliens. So he put a stop to their crap pronto. But that’s another story.

Here in 2011, when it feels like the House of Representatives has betrayed us, and lunatics rage across the country campaigning for election, what’s a guy to do but make this photo? It’s the best I’ve got.

Enlightened Brains for Details Magazine

Apparently, Transcendental Meditation is on the rise and it’s not just for hippies with sandals and yoga mats any more. For the article “Meditation Nation” in the September 2011 issue of Details Magazine, we were asked to photograph some “enlightened” brains. Much thanks to Stacey DeLorenzo and the rest of the art department for some great direction. I love these images…

New work for This Old House

We photographed a bunch of vintage tools for This Old House Magazine. They were looking for something clean, that would work well with type, but also something little playful… not just a wrench laying on a piece of wood. Look for more in the coming months.