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Esquire – Huge Food Feature

My second shoot for Esquire was a food feature. These are all dishes intended to feed thirty some odd people. More people than you should ever invite into your home for a meal. We had lots of fun challenges like; make sausage gravy look appetizing. And; poach an egg. Fortunately I have Robin to help me with those things.

Since shooting this feture we’ve shot another for Esquire. I can’t wait to show that one off in a couple months!

Love and Football

My buddies at Spirit magazine needed to make an issue about Valentine’s Day and the Superbowl. We had a conference call, did some brainstorming, made some photo. SPD liked the cover enough to post it on their blog. Win!

Poster for Coca Cola's Full Throttle line

Ad shop Ptarmak hired me to do a series of images for Full Throttle. They were a great group to work with. After a few meetings I decided the best route was to turn my studio into a mechanic’s garage. We brought in truckloads of props and built concrete walls and faux floors. Seems like overkill looking at this shot, but it was fun to have an auto shop in the studio for a few days.

My studio featured in PDN

I have no idea why, because my studio is pretty much a run-down shanty of a clubhouse, but PDN featured me in their Studio and Lighting issue.

Texas Monthly: Type + Still Life

Creative director TJ Tucker wanted to highlight Knockout (the font we used here) for a feature on GSD&M’s legendary ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ anti-litter campaign. Everything in the feature was intended to be stark and clean. Robin Finlay cut the intro type by hand and we photographed it with some monochromatic trash. All kerning done with scotch tape!

Communication Arts: Austin design firm McGarrah Jessee

In addition to winning design awards for Shiner beer every few days, McJ also does some award winning print. CA ran a whole feature on them in the current typography issue, and lucky me, they ran a news print ad I shot. I also kept most of that cheese from the shoot. Pretty sweet deal.

Esquire: Type + Still Life

For their guide to grooming in the new year Esquire wanted me to do some type focused images. Their sketch below shows a comb on a sink with some hairs spelling out 2011. Robin Finlay helped me out and we did a couple of extra options just for the heck of it.