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Diorama for WWF

Pentagram’s Austin office recently redesigned the magazine of the World Wildlife Fund (check out the covers, very cool concept) and we got the challenge to illustrate how a camera trap workes, but we could not use real animals.

The solution was a minimalist diorama that used animal sculptures and a few natural elements. (note: went sourcing natural elements, always have poison ivy cream on hand)

Legacy Foundation for The Butler Bros

Long time friends and super talented peeps The Butler Bros asked us to contribute to the Legacy Foundation’s (the nation’s largest tobacco control non-profit) curated collection of advocacy artwork at the 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival.

The resulting image was a comparison between new forms of nicotine delivery and classic colorful candy. More about the collection as well as other artists included can be found on The Butler Bros site.


IEEE Spectrum Cover

IEEE Spectrum came to us with a story about counterfeit microchips. Funny thing is Adam knows all about this problem. His mom works for a microchip manufacturer and has been inspecting microchips for fakes since before Adam was born.

The bright and graphic images even got a nod from SPD as their cover of the day last week.

The Futurists

We got a call from Stacey at Details one afternoon wanting to see if we had time to shoot a feature opener. They wanted 3 dimensional type done in some cool abstract way plus a turn page images, and they needed final art in 48 hours. This was a long night, but well worth it.

The turn page images got re-purposed into an opener for another feature story and some extra bits were shot for the well opener. Love the way it all came together.

Prevention Magazine – Pain

Prevention came to us with a story about pain. They allowed us to concept and gave us wide creative freedom. It was a true pleasure working on this project.







Fireworks- Happy 4th of July!

Fireworks for Men’s Journal. We could not help ourselves and had to set a few small things off. The studio was a little smokey for an hour.

Happy Independence Day, everyone have a safe 4th!

Dorm Food Redo

Erin Mayes from EmDash had a super fun assignment for us. Shoot dorm food. Make it look epic and yummy.  This was for a story about chefs reinventing their favorite dorm foods they made while attending Denison University.

I wish I would have been so creative with making grilled cheese 10 years ago.