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Oprah – Feeling Good department

This spring we did several months worth of images for O Magazine‘s health and wellness section “Feeling Good.” Here’s a small sample of images built and photographed here in the studio.

O for Oprah

We’ve been meaning to post these for a while and got behind. Earlier this year we got to create several iconic “O”s for Oprah magazine.

These were truly an honor. As something I’ve looked up to for years, I still can’t believe we got the chance to make them.

Eat like a Pescetarian

Here are the rest of the outtakes for the February issue of Details magazine. This story was about a pescitarian diet, so we got a lot of fish. What you don’t see from these pictures are the two little bulldogs that were dancing around just off set hoping something would slip and fall to the floor.

Details – Panic Nation

Sometimes a client will ask us to do different variations for a story, but rarely are the variations each so cleaver that we can’t decide which is our favorite. Details Magazine did that to us twice in one issue!

For their story “Panic Nation,” ideas were thrown around ranging from oxygen masks to cracked eggs, to arrows pointing at a head. In the end the mask won, but the other options were so much fun we just had to post the FPOs. Look for the Pescetarian story outtakes in an upcoming blog post.

Jarritos Videos

Really excited to share this project!

Some how we were fortunate enough to have the coolest dioramas ever show up at the studio and got to spend a few days taking video and photographing them. The dioramas were created by artist Tamra Kohl and tell the story of Jarritos soda. In all Tamra created 9 different scenes to cover everything from the creation of Jarritos in 1950 and the fresh produce used in making the soda, to current day Jarritos being enjoyed throughout North and Central America.

Big thanks to the creative minds at GSD&M who brought this project to life. We’re not posting all the dioramas here on the blog, but more can be found on the Jarritos website and their YouTube channel.

Artist: Tamra Kohl
Video Editors: Ariel Quintans at Beast
and Landon Peterson at GSD&M

Wired: January Test section

This is the job that started the new obsession: GoPros. No thanks to our assistant Nick who text’s pictures of GoPro accessory displays to Adam whenever he walks by one.

Mo Money (Magazine that is)

It’s always a pleasure to work with Ryan M. and the rest of the photo department over at Money magazine. We make a lot of props/stuff/models throughout the year, but the thumb war is deffinatly in the running for favorite prop of 2012. Here’s a selection of some of the images for the December and January department openers.

Field & Stream’s Great Stories

We were excited to contribute to Field & Stream’s “Great Stories” feature along with so many other photographers we hold in high regards.

A couple of lessones learned from this shoot:
1.) We must watch too much Tarantino. The first round of the bloody horseshoe had to be toned back.
2.) If you want to bulk up (or at least appear to) wear real tree camo.