One Concept Done Three Ways

For an article in Details magazine about Weight Watchers being the gold standard of weightloss programs, we settled on one loose concept. A gold fork that obviously stood out from the other flatware. However, when it came to exicuting the idea, we could not settle on one treatment, so we did three. The magazine ultimately went with the first image, but we were pretty big fans of the outtakes.


Details_Forks Details_Forks_3 Details_Forks_4

Malformed Book Is Out!


It’s been a long road but we’re excited to say that Adam’s book is officially out! Huge thanks to everyone who helped make this a reality. We are completely floored by the attention and press the book has received, but more importantly, the renewed interest in this incredibly rare and scientifically valuable collection. In the past couple weeks we have been contacted by professors from across the country who have shed more light on the history of this collection. We are hopeful that the release of this book will reunite the collection with records and information that can be utilized in the future to help answer questions about our body’s most mysterious organ.  A small gallery from the book is available on our website.

We’ll post updates in the future, but for now, here are links to just some of the press so far.



Bees and Food for World Wildlife Fund

Carla Delgado at Pentagram’s Austin office called us this summer and asked if we would be interested in photographing some abstracts of honey for World Wildlife Fund magazine food issue. Little did she know Adam has been a beekeeper for about two years and he jumped at the chance to bring some of the bees in the studio. We will publish more images from the honey/bee study in a later post, but for now, here’s the cover (first image is the front cover, second shows how the image wraps to the back), the inside reveal image, and a couple more from that days shoot. The rotting fruit dutch still life was also a blast to work on.






Texas Secession?

We LOVE this image. So simple, yet so clever.

I wish we could say it was our idea but it was not. Thanks TJ, Leslie, and the rest of the art crew at Texas Monthly for such a great visual and for letting us execute it.