Communication Arts Advertising Annual

I’m humbled that our campaign for Caesar’s grabbed a full page in the current CA ad annual. As simple as the images were, it was a massive amount of work for Robin to style, me to not just shoot, but also retouch, and creative director Mike Ferrer to concept, and harder still, sell to his client. I’m very proud of this project, and glad to see it gain some more recognition. Also thanks to my c-stand for holding up the magazine while I photographed it.

American Photography 28 – WE’RE IN!!!!

Question: What’s the most exciting email the studio received this week? Answer: The one from Ernie Monteiro of Time Inc. custom publishing letting us know an image we created for Proto Magazine was chosen to be in American Photography 28 along side some really amazing work. All we can say is Woo-Hoooo!!!! Read the original blog post about the image and see construction pictures of the wire brain here.


Interview on Chris Crisman’s Blog

My buddy Chris Crisman started interviewing prominent people throughout the industry and posting their wisdom on his blog. But for some reason he also decided to interview me. Not only that, but he used a portrait by Matt Rainwaters that every single magazine I’ve sent it to has refused to run as a contributor’s pic. But not Chris. He knows how good a chick-o-stick is with grape flavored mad dog. Also known as a PB&J.

You can read the interview here.

Our New Studio – A work In Progress

We are moving into a new space, just a few blocks east of downtown in Austin. It’s an old brick warehouse refurbished into studios and workshops. We have a lot of work ahead of us. This is it so far.

3D Type book

A while back we were asked by the London based design studio FL@33 to submit some of our photographic typography for their upcoming book; The 3D Type Book. Two different type jobs we’ve done over the past couple years were selected, and we just got our copy in mail last week. For the furniture font, thanks to The Buttler Bros and their intern Stephanie Chan for dreaming up the project, and Cody Haltom & Adam Mendez for art directing us and dragging furniture around all day. And for the ‘Help Wanted’ type, thanks to Robin Finlay for doing pretty much all of the work.

If you like this sort of thing I have more here,

And you can find the 3D Type Book here,

My studio featured in PDN

I have no idea why, because my studio is pretty much a run-down shanty of a clubhouse, but PDN featured me in their Studio and Lighting issue.

Communication Arts: Austin design firm McGarrah Jessee

In addition to winning design awards for Shiner beer every few days, McJ also does some award winning print. CA ran a whole feature on them in the current typography issue, and lucky me, they ran a news print ad I shot. I also kept most of that cheese from the shoot. Pretty sweet deal.

It's Nice That Issue #3

Despite a sky full of volcanic ash my copy of ‘It’s Nice That Issue #3’ arrived from the UK last week.  It’s a great looking book featuring the likes of illustrator Charley Harper and legendary designer Milton Glaser.  The paper-stock is pulpy and slightly yellow gray, but heavy.  And the printing is impressive, strong blacks and vivid colors.  It’s Nice That is a beautiful unique book, I’m flattered to be included.

Unassigned – A Photographic Exhibition

I just got this card in the mail for a gallery shindig tonight at the Art Institute of Austin.  It features works from some of my very close friends and a few of my own pieces.  We printed our stuff big.  I’m talking four feet wide big.  It looks neato.  So if you happen to be wandering the streets nearby you should come in.  I hear they have free food at these things.