New feature art for Texas Monthly

We’ve been doing a lot of type solutions for Texas Monthly but when this one came up we were beyond slammed. So we created the imagery and the final copy was done by the big shots at Joe Zeff Design. They did an amazing job making that paint look real and getting the color to match perfectly. I think they use voodoo or something.

Enlightened Brains for Details Magazine

Apparently, Transcendental Meditation is on the rise and it’s not just for hippies with sandals and yoga mats any more. For the article “Meditation Nation” in the September 2011 issue of Details Magazine, we were asked to photograph some “enlightened” brains. Much thanks to Stacey DeLorenzo and the rest of the art department for some great direction. I love these images…

New work for This Old House

We photographed a bunch of vintage tools for This Old House Magazine. They were looking for something clean, that would work well with type, but also something little playful… not just a wrench laying on a piece of wood. Look for more in the coming months.

US Map for Shape Magazine

As an opener for “Top 10 Fittest US Cities,” Shape magazine asked us to build a map of the US out of fitness equipment. I realize that the entire country may not be all that athletic, but we gave them the benefit of the doubt and made a heck of a sporty country.

Men's Health: Breakfast and Ballparks

The fine folks at Men’s Health asked us to photograph our favorite meal of the day, Breakfast! We were pleasantly surprised that one of the contributing chefs was from good ol’ Austin, Texas. Peta Hernandez of Maudie’s told Men’s Health readers how to make a darn good version of the Austin staple; breakfast tacos. And our very own backyard chickens supplied the perfect eggs. Plus we got to shoot food favorites from American baseball parks.

Texas Monthly: Public Education

Our friends at Texas Monthly asked us to help illustrate a transcribed debate on the education budget shortfall in Texas. After reading the unedited round table discussion Robin and I sat down to brainstorm. Creative director TJ Tucker wanted to stress the conflict that loomed over the dinner table throughout the conversation. So we crated an opening image that focused on the meal. Andi Beierman designed the final feature.