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Drink Texas for Texas Monthly

A little late posting these, but Texas Monthly had us work on their October cover story about Texas craft brewers, distilleries, and wineries. The Texas made out of drinks was made for real, in camera, and took hours to shoot capturing each cocktail, beer, glass of wine looking prime. Thank you Emily Kimbro for helping fill (and drink) all that yummy goodness.

Loving the light on the three turn page images Adam made (beer, wine, bourbon). So pretty!


TexMo_CocktailFeature_DrinkMap TexMo_DrinkFeature_Cocktailspread2





Golden Arches for Fortune

This past December we had the pleasure of hunting down a McDonald’s sign and breaking it to peaces for Fortune magazine. mcdonaldst_opener




Adam’s beekeeping hobby proved itself useful yet again. The bee smoker was the perfect tool to make little puffs of smoke.


And thankfully we did not set off the smoke alarm.



Happy New Year!

Thank you to everyone we worked and collaborated with this year, 2014 was amazing! The studio grew (literally, we moved into a former gospel church), our crew grew, and Adam’s book became reality.

Adam and I want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who allows us to call this thing we do “our jobs”. We look forward to making more props, making more messes, and making more pictures in 2015.

Speaking of messes, here’s our 11th and by far messiest O for O Magazine to date. The studio smelled like champagne for days.