US Map for Shape Magazine

As an opener for “Top 10 Fittest US Cities,” Shape magazine asked us to build a map of the US out of fitness equipment. I realize that the entire country may not be all that athletic, but we gave them the benefit of the doubt and made a heck of a sporty country.

3D Type book

A while back we were asked by the London based design studio FL@33 to submit some of our photographic typography for their upcoming book; The 3D Type Book. Two different type jobs we’ve done over the past couple years were selected, and we just got our copy in mail last week. For the furniture font, thanks to The Buttler Bros and their intern Stephanie Chan for dreaming up the project, and Cody Haltom & Adam Mendez for art directing us and dragging furniture around all day. And for the ‘Help Wanted’ type, thanks to Robin Finlay for doing pretty much all of the work.

If you like this sort of thing I have more here,

And you can find the 3D Type Book here,