Runner’s World – Running on Empty

We had the pleasure of working with Runner’s World on an article about eating disorders and distance runners. Thank’s to Monty for naturally looking like he runs 10 miles a day.

I don’t know about you, but if I were to run 26 miles there better be a bucket of Lucy’s fried chicken waiting at the finish line.

Proto Magazine

Every visual metaphor for medical research has been done, but Proto, the magazine of Massachusetts General Hospital, pushed us to come up with a couple more. We were flattered to contribute art to this issue, which also included the work of many we admire like Bruce Peterson and Jamie Chung just to name two.  And before you ask, “how did you build that thing,” construction shots of the brain are at the end.

More work for Money

Last Fall, Money magazine called and asked us to do another set of section openers for December, which was also the launch of their re-design and first iPad issue. I love how the new design elevates and complements simple conceptual still life. Now, where did I store all those boxes of money…..?



Typography Photography for Texas Monthly

So uh, I guess Phil Collins has the largest collection of artifacts related to the Alamo outside of… the Alamo? He even has one of Davy Crocket’s rifles.

Texas Monthly was doing a story on the collection and a related book. So we made this opening type and pull quote for them. If you don’t get it, don’t worry about it. But it’s funny, I swear.



ESPN – Moto Explosion

Man oh man this was a fun one. ESPN flew us out to Kawasaki headquarters in California. We spent two days with their race team working on this photo. Thankfully dismantling this thing is no big deal for their head mechanic.

We shot a time-lapse showing how something like this comes together. I’ll be posting that soon.

Caesar’s campaign in Bon Appetit

In the fall we shot a campaign for Caesar’s casinos. This is one of many like images that will be appearing over the next few months. It first appeared in Bon Appetit, who I have NEVER SHOT FOR! What’s up Bon Appetit? Why not let me make some cool photos for you? All of the other cool magazines hire me. Gourmet hired me! Come on… call me? Pretty please?