SXSW – Gary Clark Jr

Last week 1,200 bands officially on the bill for SXSW came to my beautiful home of Austin Texas. With them they brought tens of thousands of other bands, media folks, film peoples, tech types, and scores of tourists in their skinniest of jeans.

Gary Clark Jr was one of the most sought after acts this year. And THIS is his guitar. He brought it by my studio a while back when I was shooting a series on famous musicians’ guitars here in Austin.

Okay, that’s enough name dropping for one day…

Details – Chia Outtakes

A while back I was shooting a bunch of still life for Details. One of the articles I was illustrating was on chia seeds. Ya know, the stuff from the 80’s you used to grow your very own grassy pet. Now, in 2012 it’s a health food.

We photographed them in a variety of ways. One set of images that DIDN’T get published was these. The seeds mixed into milk, pouring and splashing around.

I like these photos. Pretty.