Design Bureau – Metrobilly

According to Design Bureau, the Metrobilly is someone who loves both hunting & fine dining, crap beer & crafted cocktails, they would check their swamp truck with a valet.

DB claims this person is a ‘design-world chimera.’ I really don’t see what the big deal is. They’ve pretty much described every creative I know in Austin.

This image was art directed by my buddy Cody Haltom. Robin made the camo-tini-cozy.

Texas Monthly – Exercise of Flower

It is a tradition for Texans to force their children to sit in fields of Bluebonnets and to snap their picture. It’s a way to later embarrass them that has been passed down for generations.

Texas Monthly wanted to pay homage to that tradition. They asked various contributing photographers to create a unique spin on the Bluebonnet. But because these flowers are here and gone in about two weeks, we were given the assignment a year in advance.

Then a year later something happened (was it the last space shuttle launch? I can’t remember). Anyhow, it got bumped another year. So here they are, my Bluebonnet studies I have been waiting two years to show.