Austin Distillers & the Tipsy Texan’s bar kit

Austin has gone from a town exploding with micro breweries to a town full of micro distilleries. And they are damn good too! So for Tribeza’s nightlife issue Robin and I pitched the idea of highlighting local booze distillers.

After the magazine went for the story I managed to convince them to let me do portraits. Anyone who is familiar with my work isn’t familiar with my portraiture, because there isn’t any! I do however have a passion for the classic styles of Yousuf Karsh and am a fan of contemporaries such as Nigel Perry. It’s something I hold in high regard.

For this project I wanted to create traditional portraits that would be flattering to these artisans and their brands, and then create a matching still life that flows in layout. The color, light, environment and mood should all match. Each still life features a cocktail, and I was concerned with the quality of the drinks, so I decided to make them myself. For weeks I diligently drank my fill and fine tuned these recipes. It was quite the sacrifice!

Also, this issue featured a ‘still life portrait’ of Austin drink aficionado David Alan, AKA The Tipsy Texan. There just isn’t enough of this in the world. Photos of people through objects. I love it. I want to see more of it!