We Got Milk!

The Dairy Council of California approached our good friend and wonderful art director & designer Emily Kimbro to create a brochure for them. And lucky for me, Emily asked if we’d help come up with some photos for her project.
We shot a whole bunch of stuff, but some of my favorites (as usual) will never see the print press. So I get to share them here. I’m a fan of moody splashes of milk flying across the studio, but maybe moody doesn’t sell milk?
However the images at the bottom are ingredients for making chai, swirling around in simmering milk. Those did make the cut, and are some of my favorites (best smelling) from the day.
Now that that’s done, and I have ten more gallons of milk… if I only had a good recipe for milk steak….


Details – Still Life Shoot; How to Sleep & Intravenous Vitamins

Stacey DeLorenzo rang us up and asked if we’d like to make some more photos for Details. The assignment focused on sleep and pretty much ran the gamut of our favorite things to photograph; human brains (although not real this time), an exploded view of an alarm clock, and chaos (a pillow with feathers flying around the studio, although the cleanup wasn’t quite as much fun).
The brain was the tricky one. We only had 24 hours from the assignment conformation to the shoot. Robin wanted to cast the brain from acrylic resin, but unsure if it would set in time she made two additional brains out of sugar. Yes, that is a giant hard candy brain you see below.
Additional we made an image for an article on people using IVs to get their vitamins. That’s right, no need to chew those pesky Flintstones multivitamins anymore. Now you can get your daily vitamins and minerals with the ease of a needle and an intravenous drip.

Firecrackers – Outtakes from Men’s Health

I made these photographs a few months back when my nephew Miles was visiting after his tour in the mid east. We had a couple of full days scheduled for Men’s Health magazine. And if you’ve never witnessed a still life photo shoot, I can tell you right now, it’s not exactly ‘exciting.’ Fortunately one of our assignments was to blow up chili peppers. And what better to do with a black hawk door gunner returning from Afghanistan, than blowing stuff up?

We did have the technical hurdle of acquiring fire crackers off season. I mentioned the idea to my cousin Sterling who was having drinks at my house. He asked how many I needed. Just one pack should be plenty, I said. Oh no problem, he told me, I have a bunch of fireworks in the trunk. You have fireworks in the trunk of your car? In Texas? In the heat? Yeah, he explained, you never know when you’ll need some.

The following images illustrate what happens when you load a Serrano with fire crackers and connect your camera to a sound sensitive trigger. Enjoy…..

Tribeza Style Week Posters

Avalon McKenzie, a designer at Free People in Philadelphia, just a few months ago was the designer of Tribeza magazine here in Austin. Avalon came up with the idea of violating iconic accessories for Fashion Week’s promo images. Although she didn’t get the chance to oversee their execution, it was a pleasure to bring her idea to fruition.

For the execution of these images, I’d have loved to have spray-painted a Chanel bag, or sliced up a pair of Louboutin shoes. But Neiman Marcus wasn’t so into the idea. Instead we cut type into matching red leather and sprayed the stencil onto black paper. Then we put the pieces together and voila. Two images I like a lot.