Details – Panic Nation

Sometimes a client will ask us to do different variations for a story, but rarely are the variations each so cleaver that we can’t decide which is our favorite. Details Magazine did that to us twice in one issue!

For their story “Panic Nation,” ideas were thrown around ranging from oxygen masks to cracked eggs, to arrows pointing at a head. In the end the mask won, but the other options were so much fun we just had to post the FPOs. Look for the Pescetarian story outtakes in an upcoming blog post.

Jarritos Videos

Really excited to share this project!

Some how we were fortunate enough to have the coolest dioramas ever show up at the studio and got to spend a few days taking video and photographing them. The dioramas were created by artist Tamra Kohl and tell the story of Jarritos soda. In all Tamra created 9 different scenes to cover everything from the creation of Jarritos in 1950 and the fresh produce used in making the soda, to current day Jarritos being enjoyed throughout North and Central America.

Big thanks to the creative minds at GSD&M who brought this project to life. We’re not posting all the dioramas here on the blog, but more can be found on the Jarritos website and their YouTube channel.

Artist: Tamra Kohl
Video Editors: Ariel Quintans at Beast
and Landon Peterson at GSD&M

Texas Photo Roundup

Starting Thursday and running through the weekend, right here in good ol’ Austin, will be the Texas Photo Roundup. There will be workshops by the likes of one of my Texas heros, Wyatt McSpadden. Presentations by peoples like the infamous Dan Winters. And talks on things like money by people like me. As in me. And other people who know a lot more than me.

I’ll also be attending a lecture Saturday morning by Andrew Hetherington and Monte Isom. I’m hopeful that it’ll be insightful enough to justify me to get up early on a Saturday.

A lot of things are sold out, but some of the things I’m personally the most excited about, and feel are the most valuable, still have a few openings. If you are in the Austin area and haven’t taken a look, check it out here:

Wired: January Test section

This is the job that started the new obsession: GoPros. No thanks to our assistant Nick who text’s pictures of GoPro accessory displays to Adam whenever he walks by one.