Trojan Horse for IEEE

This is one of those props we wish we could say we thought up. That credit goes to Randi Klett and the team at IEEE Spectrum. When they called and asked if we could make the horse happen, we jumped at the chance.



Here’s some progress pictures of the horse in the making. Half way through we decided the head was wrong so he got decapitated and a new head went on.


Real Ale Rebranding by the Butler Bros

Austin based agency the Butler Bros just wrapped up a full overhaul on iconic Texas craft brewer Real Ale and it looks amazing! If you know Texas and craft beer, you’ll understand why it was such an honor to be asked to photograph the redesigned lineup. Real Ale beers, like breakfast tacos, are a staple of these parts. We have been fans for years and the red head of our duo may have tried to talk a tattoo artist into incorporating a Fireman’s 4 logo into a half sleeve design in the past… maybe.

The beer is award winning and now so is the branding. Way to go Butler Bros. Cheers to all. Now go get some of this beer (if you live in Texas. They are sticklers for quality and refuse to ship it out of the state. Ever.)








Cool Kid Tricks for Family Fun Magazine

We’re pretty sure we’ve seen these before but they were called bar tricks. Either way this was a fun assignment. A short stop motion video was made for each trick that ran on Family Fun’s iPad versions and YouTube channel.

A couple of these were surprisingly challenging. The fork and spoon work best with cheap flatware. Nice stuff like we use in the picture was maddening to make balance. But, at the end of the day, our wallets smelled lemony fresh!



Huge thanks to our favorite little model.  She was so patient through all the takes.


Exciting News!

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Erica Chadwick and Joe Lombardo of ETC. Creative for commercial representation.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds, but we’re sure it will be a fun ride.

And yes, we’re now The Voorhes, but please still call us Adam and Robin.

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Lots of Pills

Wow. 75% of the world’s prescription drugs are consumed by the U.S.


Image made for Texas Medicine Magazine.

Black Rainbow’s Tennis Issue

Last Fall, Black Rainbow asked if we had any image to contribute for their upcoming Tennis issue. Adam had shot a collection of unique/historical raquets a few years back, so that seemed appropriate, but they wanted a little more. So we asked the two members of our family who truly love tennis balls, Lefty and Lucy, to help out.