Adam’s Bee Portraits

As we have shared before, we have a bee hive in the back yard that Adam keeps. It has been an interesting experience to watch them thrive, grow, swarm, hive split, regrow and when the bees get old, eventually die. The lifespan of a worker bee in the summer months is as short as a few weeks.

In late August and September we start to find dead and dying bees around the porch. Most the time they are missing a wing but this little lady made it to our back door before she passed and we were luck enough to spot her before a dog or bird did.

Adam spent an afternoon exploring her with light and the results are beautiful.

HoneyBee_Study_04 HoneyBee_Study_03 HoneyBee_Study_01

Details magazine: Thank You

Of all the clients we’ve worked with thus far, there was one that was a catalysis for creating what is now “The Voorhes.” The folding of Details magazine last week was sad news for our studio.

Thank you Stacey and Rockwell. You pushed our vision, expanded our ideas of conceptual still life and made us work for each image. We would not be where we are today with out your collaboration.

Below are a handful of images we created together over the years. The pig with a sweat band was the first and still a favorite.



details_pillowsplode details-IV2cropped PANIC-1 Fishouttaks_4 details_Bolt BeetjuiceDetails_Futurists EggCrack DetailsTeeth BIOHACKING-1 Details_Forks Details_PetriBurger Details_FitnessEmpire

AFAR 2015 Gift Guide

Always wonderful collaborating with Jason Seldon and the rest of the AFAR team. So creative. Amazing art direction. This fall we worked together to photograph their 2015 Gift Guide. It was an amazingly curated list if covet worthy items. Seriously, we need that Marshall speaker! Pick up the latest issue of AFAR for holiday shopping inspiration.







Drink Texas for Texas Monthly

A little late posting these, but Texas Monthly had us work on their October cover story about Texas craft brewers, distilleries, and wineries. The Texas made out of drinks was made for real, in camera, and took hours to shoot capturing each cocktail, beer, glass of wine looking prime. Thank you Emily Kimbro for helping fill (and drink) all that yummy goodness.

Loving the light on the three turn page images Adam made (beer, wine, bourbon). So pretty!


TexMo_CocktailFeature_DrinkMap TexMo_DrinkFeature_Cocktailspread2





Variety Magazine Cover


New cover for Variety. Thank you to Chris Mihal and Bailey Franklin for the awesome concept and direction. And thanks to our hand model Brigitte Buckholtz.

VarietyCover  VarietyTOC


EGGventure with Money magazine

This assignment was “Eggcelent!” Like I’ve said before, we think we’re punny.

This prop takes the cake for most involved in a while. Lots of cast rock wall facades, a foam and wood under structure that was 6′ x 8′, and buckets of gel wax (that was the water). And when that was all done, we had to light and shoot a mirrored ovoid.

Thank you so much to Ryan Cadiz and Patty Alvarez for looking at our crazy sketches and saying yes to this idea. And to Swell New York for the beautifully crafted (and extremely heavy)  gold egg.




MoneyMapThese were the cast plaster pieces that went together to make the canyon walls. Also the amazing vintage raft we found on Etsy that fit the egg PERFECTLY!


And here are a few progress shots of the canyon coming together.