Pharma-Geddon for Fortune Magazine

We got to make an Army tank out of drug store items for a Fortune magazine story about Walgreen’s, CVS, and the battle for American’s medicine cabinet. This took about 20 trips to Walgreen’s trying to plan out what went where and a lot of strange looks from the cashiers with baskets of only blue and white products.

Fortune_Tank_LayoutWe could not decide between a white or blue background, so we did both!


And here’s some behind the scene images of the tank coming together.



Building process




Chase for Droga5

Very excited to share a Chase for Business campaign we got to work on this past fall with Droga5. We were in love with the concept from the very beginning, simple objects photographed in a way to make them look menacing and monolithic. Because that’s just what these simple objects became, huge problems to business owners.  Thank you Julia Menassa, Joaquin Salim, and the rest of the Droga5 Team. This project was a blast to work on.

CHA_0014_Business_Ad_GuitarPick_V3.indd CHA_0014_SmBusiness_8x10_25_Mouse_V3R.indd CHA_0014_SmBusiness_Ad_Hay_V5R.indd CHA_0014_SmBusiness_Ad_Cone_V5R.indd

Here are the 4 objects together as a set.


It’s been fun to be online looking through websites and randomly come upon these pictures used in various formats.



Back to the Core for WWD

In early January Women’s Wear Daily approached us about a story involving major beauty brands pairing down and focusing on their core products after years of branching out and spreading themselves thin. We loved the idea of a mass of extra products becoming the textural background that the core items stood within. Like beacons in the fog of the beauty isle. WWD_CoreProducts_01



Money Magazine Jan/Feb Cover and Feature

Always fun times working with Ryan Cadiz and Patty Alvarez over at Money Magazine. This was their January/February 2016 Investing Issue cover and feature art.

When someone says they want to see a unicorn popping a bubble, you always say yes.





And also thanks to our models Elise Evans and Peter Erdel for being so wonderful to work with and climbing over our set contraption for the day. Also Thanks to Rich Schiller for the golden arrow.

Money BTS


The Atlantic March 2016 Cover

We were honored yet again to shoot for The Atlantic for their March 2016 cover. The story involved writer Jim Fallows and his wife Deb spending 3 years and 54,000 miles flying across the country to find out what is “going right” with America rather than just focusing on all the things that are going wrong. With so many polarizing issues in our country and stories of things going poorly, we are always touched by positive outlooks and communities finding the good in each other.

Creative Director Darhil Crooks came to us with the idea of the country as a puzzle being put back together rather than torn apart. We brainstormed and sketched various executions for the concept, landed on one, cast some fantastic hand models, then got to work. The result is a bright vibrant image that points to the positivity of the American spirit.

Darhil posted a wonderful “making of the cover” write up on The Atlantic’s blog if you’d like to see the evolution of our sketches.


Adam also made a quick animation of a prop plane similar to the one the writer used flying over the set for the magazines digital edition.


And last, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Darhil and the rest of The Atlantic’s staff and contributors for winning The American Society of Magazine Editors “Magazine of the Year”, widely considered to be the most prestigious set of honors in the industry.

New Wave Feminism for the Washington Post

We were extremely excited to find out a conceptual images we created for the Washington Post ran on the front page of this Sunday’s edition!

The image accompanied an article called New Wave Feminism, and discussed the current state of the feminist movement and what it means to be a feminist in 2016.

We were contacted by Nicole Crowder, the features photo editor for the Washington Post in late December and asked to read and brainstorm an image for the article. It quickly became apparent that Adam and I had very different perspectives on the definition of feminism. However, those differences highlight the strength of us brainstorming and working together as a team.

The full article can be found on Washington Post’s website.