Newsweek International Edition, “Bible Thumpers”

Michael Goesele at Newsweek tapped us for creating this cover for their International edition and we were excited to take on the challenge!

The fun part about bears is that normally you can’t just rent a bear paw, you get to rent a whole bear. Then you get to drive across town with it in the back of a pickup truck and see numerous phones pointed at your truck getting their Instagram post of the day. Meanwhile, Robin got to work creating some killer claw marks, and Adam figured out the best way to shoot this mostly upside down setup. Lefty the dog was inspired by the brave pose of the bear to show off a bit on his own.








Field & Stream “Jam Packed Summer” issue

You know that game where there’s a glass jar full of marbles or whatever and you have to guess how many are in there? Now we know how many outdoor related items can feasibly fit into the back of a full size pickup truck if you do some careful arranging. We set the truck up in the back lot of our studio, and all the props took up all the tables we had inside. Bentley the Dog got to stay indoors until he was ready for his close up.

THANK YOU John Toolan and the rest of the F&S team for having us do this one! It was a beast of a job but super rewarding. Robin is deathly afraid of snakes, but Austin Reptile Service made it 100% bearable. Any if you want to make those amazeballs s’mores, you have to hit up Nicki Longoria to find out what voodoo she did to the bacon before it hit the set. And lastly, we can only pull off complex shots like this cover with the help of Nick Cabrera. Thank you Nick for always figuring out how to make it work, even if what we’re asking you to do is safely anchor a 20′ sail to c-stands in 15-20 mile per hour wind gusts.




Pacific Standard Magazine, “Awakening the Grizzly”

Top five things we learned on this shoot:

  1. We don’t know how to properly pack a car with gear.
  2. Parking tickets in San Francisco cost $30.
  3. There is a point where bear puns stop being funny, but you still make them anyway to get groans from the rest of the crew.
  4. Taxidermy animals can have some great derp faces.
  5. Grizzly bears are super cool, and not only when they’re kept in a giant refrigerated room.

Many thanks to Taylor Le and the rest of the team at Pacific Standard for sending us out to shoot a bear the only way we’d ever like to (with a camera).









The Atlantic: Fall of Washington

This spring we collaborated with Paul Spella at The Atlantic on a cover story about Paul Manaford and the swamp that is Washington politics. We shot a number of options for the story. At one point the headline was going to read American Hustle, so we took off on a shell game option with our politician lobbyist, pinky ring and all, running the game. There was also Washington decay with our take on what the Lincoln Memorial might look like in the Stranger Things “Upsidedown”. We even made plaster replicas of the capitol dome and smashed them to bits.

But in the end, the simple powerful graphic of an American flag lapel pin falling upside down on white was the winner. Strong and graphic, a statement in its starkness. Thanks Paul Spella for making something so simple look so good!

Newsweek: Medal of Honor cover

Flattered as always to take on another cover for Michael Goesele, Diane Rice and the fantastic team at Newsweek.

This time we had a whopping 2 days to create an image with an Air Force Medal of Honor. Unfortunately I found out really quickly it is illegal in the US to buy one, or even own one, if it was not given to you or a member of your family.

So our scrambled solution involved cobbling together a really close stand in from jewelry charms and a key ring from the craft store. The ribbon part itself was it’s own challenge. Thank goodness for the kindness and uber quick response from Jennifer at Etsy store TextileArtLace. She had a roll of the most perfect vintage moire sky blue silk ribbon she was willing to overnight to me the next day.

Finally, Nicki Longoria hit up the Army surplus in search of the one Navy dress uniform we could get on Adam’s arm. Yep, Adam was our hand model.

Super happy for how it all turned out. Thanks again Michael and Diane for letting us tackle another.



The Wall Street Journal, “The New Science of Psychedelics”

In early May we were asked to quickly turn around a cover image for the WSJ on a story about psychedelic drugs. BUT… No Tie Dye and No Lava Lamps. The solution? The beautiful hand of Jasmine Roussell holding a glowing swirling capsule.

Ultimately, the paper went with the safe version but we had to try just a little to make it more psychedelic with some colored gels. Oh well, we have that one for us.


PDN Winners!

Break out the champagne y’all, we are winners for the PDN Photo Annual 2018 and for Objects of Desire!

Our Paper & Shadow series won for Personal Work in the Photo Annual, you can check out our full gallery here.

Our sunglasses bouquet nabbed a win for Objects of Desire, peep the whole winners gallery here.

Cats & Dogs for Oprah Magazine

When we got asked to create the Oprah “O” out of cats and dogs interacting with each other, we quickly got all of our Ghostbusters quotes out of our system and came up with as many scenarios as we could using model cats and dogs. Some of the cats were less than stellar looking, so our stylist assistant Nicki Longoria got to work with some paint and brushes to bring them to life.