Details – Still Life Shoot; How to Sleep & Intravenous Vitamins

Stacey DeLorenzo rang us up and asked if we’d like to make some more photos for Details. The assignment focused on sleep and pretty much ran the gamut of our favorite things to photograph; human brains (although not real this time), an exploded view of an alarm clock, and chaos (a pillow with feathers flying around the studio, although the cleanup wasn’t quite as much fun).
The brain was the tricky one. We only had 24 hours from the assignment conformation to the shoot. Robin wanted to cast the brain from acrylic resin, but unsure if it would set in time she made two additional brains out of sugar. Yes, that is a giant hard candy brain you see below.
Additional we made an image for an article on people using IVs to get their vitamins. That’s right, no need to chew those pesky Flintstones multivitamins anymore. Now you can get your daily vitamins and minerals with the ease of a needle and an intravenous drip.