Spirit Magazine Covers

Spirit’s design director, Kevin de Miranda, called me about their past two covers. November’s cover feature focused on forgiveness, and finding (or creating) a good in the darkest of situations. We decided to photograph a dove. An iconic symbol of hope. For readers sitting in a metal tube rocketing through the sky, i’m hopeful that the story was uplifting or insightful. But for me it was an opportunity to spend an evening patiently exploring a dove over a glass of wine. Or three or four. I don’t remember. And it was one of the rare occasions that Robin looked at my images and said  ‘what if you light it different?’ I asked how. ‘I don’t know, just different, maybe backlight it.’ So I did.

The October cover required a vintage camera, and lucky us, I have one or two. This ended up being a self portrait. Sort of. I’m not exactly the polyester sport coat and tie sort of guy. But those are my hands!