Communication Arts Typography Annual

I just got the CA type annual and was flipping through some really great work, pleased to see some friends represented, when I stumbled across a magazine that my pals at Pentagram Design did. First I said “Wow, more Pentagram work in here,” then I remembered, “hey, I shot that!”
A few months back our friends at Pentagram called us up to photograph some water abstracts for a cover story. Designer Barrett Fry created the cover copy, and thought it’d be interesting if it were distorted by ripples of water, so he sent the type my way and I started to play.
We simply printed it out and set the copy under a tank with an inch or so of water in it. And some food coloring. Then we just splashed up a storm. I tried to keep the distortion to a minimum for legibility, but art director & legendary designer DJ Stout called me up an demanded more ripples and splashes. And good thing he did. The results are below…