Texas Monthly asked us to put people in the dryer

This March, Texas Monthly ran Origami Prunes, an excerpt from Antonio Ruiz-Camacho debut collection of short stories. The story tells of two people who find love/lust in a laundromat in Austin during the wildfires of 2011. A little strange, but still the magazine wanted the art to be appropriate and not campy. We love it when they push us to reach beyond our comfort zone and this was no different.

Before we shot the job, we binge watched all 8 episodes of True Detective. To say we were influenced by the opening credits for the turn page image would be an understatement.

TJ Tucker’s design took it to the next level. Beautiful work.

0315_ORIGAMI PRUNES [Print];20.indd

0315_ORIGAMI PRUNES [Print];20.inddNick get’s all the credit for the prop set up on this one. Within a few hours of being asked to find a cheep dryer we could dismantle for the basket, he had this gem of a prop ready to go. Bonus the dryer was free!


Nephews love it too!