Captain Morgan Cannon Blast

Excited to share the release of the Captain Morgan Cannon Blast campaign we worked on this summer with some amazing creatives from Anomaly’s New York office. I don’t think we could have asked for a more perfect combination of prop making, set building, flying debris, and Adam’s magic in post.  It was a team effort for sure and the results are killer! Thanks a million to Shalini, Morgan, and the rest of the creative team at Anomaly as well as our wonderful reps Joe and Erica for all coming together to make this campaign a blast to work on. (pun intended)


Here’s some behind the scene shots of the prop making and surface prep in progress.

The bottle needed to be shot in 3 different scenarios, so different slabs of concrete were poured to accommodate the different scenarios.  In all we cast 6 slabs of concrete, some with reliefs to hold the bottle.  We also dropped kettle bells on solid slabs to get impact craters. Black dye was mixed in during the casting process to get the right color and darkness. We also crushed charcole into a fine powder and rubbed it on the surface where the bottle made contact for a burned/singed effect.




The shot glasses needed to look like cast iron embossed with the Captain Morgan Jolly Roger. However, there was no time to get actual metal cast, so we worked with 3D printer 3Degrees Askew to have plastic and resin shot glasses printed/extruded. The shot glasses were then textured, painted and aged to look like cast iron. In all we made 5 different sets of 3 with different levels of ware and texture so we could test what looked best in camera.
Due to the glasses small size, some of the detail of the Jolly Roger needed to be removed for the printing process. In order to bring back the detail in post, we had a large tile of the logo printed which was able to hold full detail. The tile was textured and painted to match the shot glasses. We then photographed the tile at the proper angles and used it to bring detail back to the glasses.