EGGventure with Money magazine

This assignment was “Eggcelent!” Like I’ve said before, we think we’re punny.

This prop takes the cake for most involved in a while. Lots of cast rock wall facades, a foam and wood under structure that was 6′ x 8′, and buckets of gel wax (that was the water). And when that was all done, we had to light and shoot a mirrored ovoid.

Thank you so much to Ryan Cadiz and Patty Alvarez for looking at our crazy sketches and saying yes to this idea. And to Swell New York for the beautifully crafted (and extremely heavy)  gold egg.




MoneyMapThese were the cast plaster pieces that went together to make the canyon walls. Also the amazing vintage raft we found on Etsy that fit the egg PERFECTLY!


And here are a few progress shots of the canyon coming together.