The Atlantic March 2016 Cover

We were honored yet again to shoot for The Atlantic for their March 2016 cover. The story involved writer Jim Fallows and his wife Deb spending 3 years and 54,000 miles flying across the country to find out what is “going right” with America rather than just focusing on all the things that are going wrong. With so many polarizing issues in our country and stories of things going poorly, we are always touched by positive outlooks and communities finding the good in each other.

Creative Director Darhil Crooks came to us with the idea of the country as a puzzle being put back together rather than torn apart. We brainstormed and sketched various executions for the concept, landed on one, cast some fantastic hand models, then got to work. The result is a bright vibrant image that points to the positivity of the American spirit.

Darhil posted a wonderful “making of the cover” write up on The Atlantic’s blog if you’d like to see the evolution of our sketches.


Adam also made a quick animation of a prop plane similar to the one the writer used flying over the set for the magazines digital edition.


And last, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Darhil and the rest of The Atlantic’s staff and contributors for winning The American Society of Magazine Editors “Magazine of the Year”, widely considered to be the most prestigious set of honors in the industry.