Chase for Droga5

Very excited to share a Chase for Business campaign we got to work on this past fall with Droga5. We were in love with the concept from the very beginning, simple objects photographed in a way to make them look menacing and monolithic. Because that’s just what these simple objects became, huge problems to business owners.  Thank you Julia Menassa, Joaquin Salim, and the rest of the Droga5 Team. This project was a blast to work on.

CHA_0014_Business_Ad_GuitarPick_V3.indd CHA_0014_SmBusiness_8x10_25_Mouse_V3R.indd CHA_0014_SmBusiness_Ad_Hay_V5R.indd CHA_0014_SmBusiness_Ad_Cone_V5R.indd

Here are the 4 objects together as a set.


It’s been fun to be online looking through websites and randomly come upon these pictures used in various formats.