The Dark Web for Popular Science

Last month Thomas Payne at Popular Science contacted us about a story on the dark web, all the hidden parts of the internet we don’s see and can’t find through a google search. The dark web hides human trafficking, arms deals, narcotics transactions, and other illicit activities. But there is a guy who is using his talents and training to shine a light in the darkness. The concept was to have black objects representing the illegal goings on rising out of black goo.

Gallons and gallons of black paint and a few ruined hard drives later we had a set of images we could not be more proud of.  Thank you Thomas for the stellar assignment. Go pick up the September issue of Popular Science! The design of the whole story is killer as well.

PopSci_DarkWeb_OpenerPopASci_DarkWeb_AR PopASci_DarkWeb_HumanTraffic PopASci_DarkWeb_NarcPopASci_DarkWeb_Tech