Gourmet's Last October

Megan Re, a photo editor at Gourmet sent me to photograph ‘The Pastry Queen’ Rebecca Rather’s food.  I love Gourmet.  I read Gourmet.  I’m excited to get it in the mail each mont.  Or I was, anyway.  I’m lucky to have worked with them before Conde Nast took them away.  These are a couple of shots I did with the help of Robin Finlay’s styling for their final October issue.

 Gourmet, Rebecca Rather's Key Lime Pie

Gourmet, Rebecca Rather's Chicken Pot Pie

Your Entrepreneur Handbook

Spirit's Entrepreneur Handbook Cover

Somehow I talked Spirit’s Emily Kimbro and Kevin de Miranda into letting me wander around Texas and gather up images to make these composites.  I’m glad for it, I had a lot of fun.  The article is all about buisnessy stuff, so we ran with the age old theme of growing ideas.  It may be hard to read here, so if you’re interested you can see it at

Spirit's Entrepreneur Handbook TOC   Spirit's Entrepreneur Handbook Spread One   Spirit's Entrepreneur Handbook Spread Two    

Spirit's Entrepreneur Handbook Spread Three   Spirit's Entrepreneur Handbook Spread Four   Spirit's Entrepreneur Handbook Spread Five

Why are Tortilla Chips so Damn Good?

Texas Monthly Chip Outtake

Caleb Bennett of Texas Monthly sent me to A&M to photograph some chips… in a laboratory; an Experimental Food Laboratory.  The article is about Lloyd Roony who has been studying the texture and flavor of chips for decades, from the corn to the masa to the chip.  They have a tortilla machine in their lab.  Actually they have two, and deep fryers and computers and ovens and beakers.

Texas Monthly chip Spread One    Texas Monthly chip Spread One

Splish Splash

A while back I was doing a splash shot for a client.  When we finished I decided to goof off a bit and made these photos.  I like them a lot, but I haven’t known what to do with them so here they are.


Spirit Magazine's Guide to Spirits


I loved working on this feature.  Sarah Murphy, the writer, really did her homework and the Spirit team was fantastic.  The whole article focuses on old school pre-prohibition style cocktails.  Ya know, proper drinks.  Here is a link to the PDF, it’s a lot easier to read than these snap shots. 

spiritspirits_00cvr spiritspirits_00toc spiritspirits_02 spiritspirits_03 spiritspirits_04 spiritspirits_05

Texas Monthly Cocktail Feature

Cocktails are one of my favorite things to photograph.  I’ve been doing a lot of it lately.  TJ Tucker of Texas Monthly had me work on this spread featuring bartenders from cities around Texas and all Texas made alcohol.  However the tequila is made in Mexico, but it is in a bottle shaped like Texas.  So I guess that sorta counts.  And Leslie Bladwin, Photo Editor Extraordinaire got to hang out on set.  Not a bad day on the job, eh?


Truck Wrap for the LiveStrong Foundation


The Butler Brothers here in Austin were designing a truck wrap for the LiveStrong Foundation.  They wanted something a little deeper than vector art, so they gave me a jersey, wristband, and a poster and said ‘do your thing, Voorhes.’

web_livestrong_01  web_driverside  web_livestrong_06  web_windowside 

web_livestrong_05  web_gooseneck  web_livestrong_041


Home Improvement

My house needs a lot of work.  I don’t mind; it’s fun a hobby.  I’m now an amateur plumber, electrician, and carpenter.  For the most part these objects are the product of putting in new floors.  But the hammer has helped take out an old chimney & fireplace, move a wall, and demolish two bathrooms.  I’m amazed at how a brand new two-dollar trowel looks after just one Saturday and Sunday of heavy use.  A pair of rubber kitchen gloves is banished to the garage.  And I’m going through work gloves like a frat house plows through Natty Ice. 

A tip for anyone planning to polyurethane their floors; the directions lie.  If it says it dries in six to eight hours, it really means six to eight days.