Yard Work in 3D

I’ve been working on a garden.  Unfortunately the people who previously owned my house were going for the dirt-lot look.  Before I could get started on laying out the landscape and building garden beds I had to clear out half a dozen stumps, half a trillion weeds, and clean up the trees.  Not to mention shards of glass, rusty nails, and many an M.I.A. plastic army man.  After spending weekend after weekend staring at roots and clods of dirt they started taking on personality.  I brought a couple of my favorites into the studio to play with.

At the same time I was experimenting with stereoscopic photography.  Anaglyphs (red cyan) aren’t the best medium for communicating rich colors, but they are a common and easy way to view 3D images.  I’ve presented these and a few others on my website in this format.  So if you have some 3D glasses take a peek.